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Download your free copy of our new white paper - A Data Powered Future

This new Experian paper provides a comprehensive overview of some of the key data-related issues of the day, as well as offering some advice for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Build and maintain trust
It is the decisions made once a breach occurs that have the greatest impact upon customer and employee loyalty, as well as brand and profitability.
Communicate to the people affected
Advise on bespoke notification communications/templates which provide reassurance to customers and employees affected.
Provide customer support, credit and web monitoring services
Supporting customers and employees with registration assistance, credit and web monitoring services and where appropriate dedicated Victims of Fraud services


Develop a data breach response plan
Help you manage stakeholders’ concerns and provide reassure through appropriate notification to customers and employees.


How we help businesses respond, reassure and recover in the event of a data breach

The way in which people interact with organisations has changed drastically in the last decade and more change is to come. What is clear is that data has already transformed the way the world does business and that it will continue to evolve as the 'tsunami' of data continues.

In business, we need to make sure we are ahead of the curve. With connected technology putting our customers firmly in the driving seat, there are clear challenges which will need to be overcome.

But despite these challenges, data presents us with a plethora of possibilities to improve and drive positive changes to the way we all live and work. We are all living through a period of exciting, widespread technological change and we need to be prepared to take on the challenges and embrace the many opportunities that the data revolution brings.

It explores 10 central trends around data and business, offering some guidance about some of the areas that companies should consider focusing on.

Key takeaways from the white paper

Download your free copy of our new white paper - A Data Powered Future

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