To gain access to Experian's Free Data Breach Response Ready Hub please fill in your details below and we will be in touch by email to provide you with your user name and password.

To gain access to Experian's Free Data Breach Response Ready Hub please fill in your details below and we will be in touch by email to provide you with your user name and password.

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Is your business really ready?

According to our extensive analysis, one in five businesses across different sectors (21%) has experienced a data breach in the past two years, with loss or theft of records containing sensitive or confidential information. This statistic is similar to last year’s findings (23%). 

Although this may not sound like a hefty figure, the reality is cyber criminals are becoming nimbler by the day. Data breach readiness is therefore a sensible business decision that, as we will discover, is a lot more cost effective than waiting for the worst to happen. 

21% of UK businesses have been breached in the past 2 years

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Why create a response plan? 

A data breach can take a heavy toll on any organisation, whatever its size. Having a plan in place can help you act quickly when required, which in turn can help you prevent further data loss, ensuring you can prepare, respond, and recover in the event of a data breach. 

With increased public awareness of data breaches, the likely heightened effect on an organisation’s reputation and customer loyalty is a real consideration. In reality organisations who suffer an incident are presented with a halo effect of financial and reputation implications. 

Organisations that have not adequately prepared and are subject to a data breach will increasingly suffer costs associated with lost business, as well as the direct cost of fines and an impact on brand reputation.

51% of consumers expect financial compensation if their information is lost or stolen* 

*Experian commissioned ComRes to survey 2001 british adults aged 18+ online November 2017. Data Breach: Supply Chain Risk whitepaper. 

What should I do to prepare for breach reporting? 

You should make sure that your employees understand what might constitute a personal data breach and, in particular, that this is more than loss of personal data. You should ensure that there is an internal breach reporting procedure in place to help ensure that breaches are detected, managed and escalated in a timely manner. This will help ensure that the breach is contained and investigated in a timely manner. It will also help those responsible for determining whether or not the personal data breach should be notified to the regulator or affected individuals, to make an informed decision as to whether or not notification is required and if so, to whom. Having robust breach detection, investigation and internal reporting procedures in place is particularly important in light of the tight timescales and prescriptive information requirements set out in GDPR.

Get Ready in Advance
Our proven experts will align the right resources tailored to your business scenario and create pre-determined  communications which are stored ready for a live incident.

  • Advance contract and rate card agreed 
  • Data quality audit health check 
  • Pre-approved notification template communications
  • Frequently Asked Questions Library
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Management information reports
  • Background Checking


Activate your response plan
When a live incident occurs we work with you to finalise and activate the notification fulfilment, call centre support and web/credit monitoring services to affected individuals.

  • Notification and fulfilment to those affected
  • Call centre operational support
  • Identity / Credit monitoring services


A step-by-step guide to preparing for a data breach response

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Prepare your business for as little as £3,000

If your company suffered a Data Breach would you be ready?

If your company suffered a Data Breach would you be ready?

If your company suffered a Data Breach would you be ready?

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Regulation, like GDPR, is not a pain point - it’s a good thing 

Embracing the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a top priority for organisations. An important part of this means being fully prepared for an international data breach. While getting to grips with GDPR may have been a headache for businesses, putting the customer first is a good thing. What’s not, is a misinterpretation of the legislation, or a misunderstanding of the separate jurisdictional rules that apply in each country. Those organisations who have engaged the right 3rd party experts, such as lawyers, insurers, forensics and response partners can really get to grips with the practical steps that will get them to the point of readiness for a data breach incident.

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